Kusadasi Jet Ski

If you are bored at the beach and looking for a more fun activity, you can rent a jet ski

Kusadasi Parasailing

Would you like to watch Kusadasi from meters high? Then let's give you the chance to see Kusadasi from the

Kusadasi FlyBoard

The Flyboard tests your balance and skill. Powered by the engine of a jetski, a hose attaches it to the

Kusadasi WakeBoard

Wake Boarding is an activity where you have to skilfully balance on a board while being pulled along by a

Kusadasi Water Ski

Try your hand at Water Skiing while you're on holiday in Bodrum. A speed boat will pull you along on

Kusadasi Speed Boat

If you are tired of swimming on the beach and looking for a more fun activity, you can rent a

Kusadasi FlyFish

The flyfish activity is for those who enjoy a bit of excitement! You won't fall off if you can manage

Kusadasi Banana

The banana boat ride is enjoyed by groups of over 4 people. Hold on as tight as you can on

Kusadasi Ringo

This ride is for the brave! You'll be pulled at speed by a speedboat. The captain will be determined to

Kusadasi Canoe

Grab a drink and enjoy the sea. The Kusadasi canoe acvitity offers you some relaxation. BOOK NOW, PAY ON THE

Kusadasi Sonar

The sonar ride is perfect for smaller children who want t thrill, or those who wouldn't enjoy being thrown off.

Kusadasi Sea Bike

If you are tired of noisy activities and are looking for something calmer, Kusadasi sea bike activity is for you.