What is Pamukkale?

Pamukkale is an area located in the region of Denizli. The place of interest on the Bodrum to Pamukkale tour is the spectacular landscape of the protruding mountain. ‘Pamukkale’, in Turkish means ‘cotton castle’ and it’s named this because of it’s white cotton-like appearance.

The white coating on the mountain is in fact calcium, which over thousands of years has flowed down the mountainside and solidified, forming pools in which mineral enriched thermal water sits.

The thermal water comes out of the mountain at around 33-36 degrees. It is these thermal water filled pools that entice visitors from all over the world to see Pamukkale.

In the information below we will aim to cover everything that you may need before booking this trip. If you have any unanswered questions then you can contact us on the WhatsApp number link at the bottom right of the page.


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Tour Days: Mondays & Fridays
Start Time: Approx 6 am
Return Time: Approx 8 pm
Concession Prices: 7 to 12 years old – HALF PRICE. 0 to 6 years old – FREE.
Things You Need To Bring: Comfortable shoes, Sun Glasses, Camera, Sunscreen, Extra money
Professional Guide Lunch
Entrance Fee To Pamukkale Hotel Transfer Insurance
Not Included:
Entrance Fee To Cleopatra’s Pool
Breakfast & Drinks

Measures Taken Under Covid-19

  • All our tours are at half capacity due to the pandemic, until we are notified otherwise.
  • Equipment and vehicles are specially disinfected by licensed companies at the end of each tour.
  • Social distance is strictly maintained during the tour.
  • Disposable cups, plates etc are used.
  • It is forbidden to enter the coach without a mask. Personnel will wear a mask.
There are 3 main attractions in Pamukkale. The thermal travertines, Hieropolis City and Cleopatra’s pool.

Thermal Travertines – Visitors can walk all the way down the mountainside through the thermal water pools. The water looks as blue as the sky against the white background of the mountainside. This is probably the most recognised part of the Bodrum to Pamukkale tour.

Cleopatra’s Pool –  Guests can swim in the pool of natural thermal water which is full of minerals. The pool is filled with the same thermal water that cascades down the mountain. Although Cleopatra’s pool lies in the Pamukkale grounds, you can’t gain access to it without paying an extra entrance fee. It is optional to swim in the pool.

Hieropolis City-  It’s an ancient Greek city that was built on top on the Pamukkale mountain. Many ruins remain intact including the great Amphitheatre, which will excite history buffs. You can access all areas of the ruined city having paid the Bodrum to Pamukkale tour fee. There are also 2 small museums on site which have a separate entrance fees.

The approximate age of the mountain itself is around 14,000 years old! But it has been a tourist attraction for over 2000 years. The city of Hierapolis was built by Appollo during the Hellenistic period and then passed to the Romans in around the 1st century BC. It was then destroyed by an earthquake in the 1st century AD and was rebuilt with the addition of a grand library and gymnasium.

It peaked as a tourist destination in around the 3rd century AD where it was used as a luxury spa centre. The enriched mineral water is said to have healing properties and the rich and sick used to frequent Cleopatra’s pool. Which was then a lavish pool enclosed by a temple of ornate columns. Many of these columns are either still standing or have fallen into the water.

Once all customers have been collected from Bodrum you will start your journey towards Pamukkale. If you are one of the first pick-ups, please bear in mind that your travel time may be longer.

After about 1 hour of travelling, you will stop at a restaurant. You may buy breakfast here if you wish. There are toilet facilities at this stop. There will be 1 more scheduled stop along the way at a gold or leather centre where there are also toilet facilities.

Once you’ve arrived at Pamukkale you will have about 3 hours to explore the city, travertines and Cleopatra’s Pool if you have chosen to.

After your time at Pamukkale, you will stop at a restaurant a short drive away where you will eat lunch included in the price of the tour (drinks not included).

On your return to Bodrum, you will make 2 scheduled stops at gold centre or similar where there are toilet facilities.

You’ll be back in Bodrum at around 8pm providing there are no unforeseen road closures, heavy traffic, or mechanical vehicle problems on the day.

You can fill in the reservation form on the right of this page. Or you can call or message us on the phone number above.
If you book with us via Whatsapp, our representative will confirm the booking and send you a TURSAB approved digital ticket. If you book using the booking form on the right, you will be contacted by a representative shortly after, and will be sent a digital ticket. You can show the digital ticket on your phone to partake in the tour.
Yes. You can make the payment on the day of the tour. However, a small amount of down payment may be required during peak periods. Payment on the day of the tour will be in CASH only.
The pick up time for Pamukkale is around 6am but this may vary depending on the location of your accommodation. Our sales representative will tell you your transfer time, and it will be written on your digital ticket. There may be delays of 10 minutes during transfer times. If your service is later than 10 minutes of the specified time, please call the office number on your ticket.
The tour fee includes your hotel transfer, lunch, professional guide and Pamukkale entrance fee. Breakfast, drinks and the Cleopatra Pool entrance fee are not included.
The journey takes approximately 4 hours each way. You’ll be back in Bodrum at around 8pm, assuming there are no unforseen traffic delays or road closures.
Yes, 7-12 year olds are half price and 0-6 year olds are free. A free ticket does not guarantee a seat on the coach. A young child may have to sit on an adults lap.
A camera – so as no photo opportunities are missed.

Money – to buy breakfast, drinks and souvenirs, entrance to Cleopatra’s Pool if you wish.

Bathing Suit – you may want to wear this on the travertines, but you’ll definitely need one for Cleopatra’s Pool.

A sunhat and sun cream – there is little shade when walking on the travertines and through Hierapolis city.






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