What is Ephesus?

Ephesus is an area located in Selcuk, which is about 80 kilometres south of Izmir which you can visit on the Bodrum to Ephesus tour. The tourist attraction Ephesus is an ancient port city that dates back to the 10th century BC.  It has belonged to many civilisations and passed through many sultans and rulers hands. Yet it still stands proud, although still only partly excavated.

Ephesus ancient city is open for visitors to walk around fairly freely, and millions pass through it’s gates every year. It’s most recognisable structure is the grand library wall. It’s the only side of the building to have survived an earthquake in the 10th century AD, but it’s the pinnacle of Ephesus city.

The main lower gate is almost completely intact and it is one of the things you can see from all over the excavated city. The marble road that runs from the port on the south of the city also connects the amphitheatre to the public library and the brothel

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Tour Days: Everyday
Start Time: approx 06:30
Return Time: approx 20:00
Concession Prices: 7 to 12 years old – HALF PRICE. 0 to 6 years old – FREE.
Thinsg You Need To Bring: Sneakers, Sun Glasses, Swim Suit
Hotel Transfer Profesional Guide
Entrance Fees Lunch Insurance
Not Included:
Drinks & Breakfast
Entrance to Virgin Mary’s House (optional)

Measures Taken Under Covid-19

  • All our tours are at half capacity due to the pandemic, until we are notified otherwise.
  • Equipment and vehicles are specially disinfected by licensed companies at the end of each tour.
  • Social distance is strictly maintained during the tour.
  • Disposable cups, plates etc are used.
  • It is forbidden to enter the coach without a mask. Personnel will wear a mask.
In the area around Ephesus there are many important historical sites to explore.

Ephesus City – From the upper gate where the tour starts, the intact original roads take you through the city down to the lower gate, passing public baths, public toilets and amazingly engineered housing estates for their time.

Ephesus Amphitheatre – The grand Amphitheatre that the Bodrum to Ephesus day trip takes you to is one of the best preserved Roman theatres in the world. It was designed to seat an impressive 24,000 people! It was used as a entertaining centre as well as for important social events. The amphitheatre is the first thing in ancient times that a new visitor to Ephesus City sees on their approach from the port.

Virgin Mary’s Museum – Ephesus was an important place for religious pilgrimages and many ancient Goddesses spent time here. These people included Goddess Artemis and the Anatolian Goddess Kybele. Ephesus is also said to be the place that the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary spent her final years. Legend says that Mary died here at age 101. Because of this, there is now a Virgin Mary Church and Museum here that is dedicated to her.

Temple of Artemis – The temple of Artemis is also known as the temple of Diana. It has been named as 1 of the 7 man-made wonders of the world. Unfortunately only a small part of the ruin is left standing today. It was originally built about 2500 years ago, but was completely destroyed and rebuilt 400 years AD. It was ruined after a fire started by arson. Although not much of it remains today its still an important stop on the Bodrum to Ephesus tour.

Although Ephesus has been dated back to the 10th century BC, the new ancient city of Ephesus as we know it now was founded in the 4th century BC by a general of Alexander the Great. It is remarkably preserved for such old structures. The city’s great port now lies about 6 miles inland having silted up over the years,  The marble road that runs from the old port to the amphitheatre at the bottom of the city was made to impress new visitors and was lined with shops and streetlights. This was very modern for ancient times.

Ephesus was once one the most important trading cities in the ancient world. The city was prosperous because there were plenty of jobs for those living there as it connected Asia and Europe’s trading routes. Items that were most popularly traded were olive oil, animals, glass, stone such as marble, tiles etc, wine, grain, pottery vessels, metals such as iron, copper, lead, gold, tin etc and slaves.

Once all customers have been collected from Bodrum you will start your journey towards Ephesus. If you are one of the first pick-ups, please bear in mind that your travel time may be longer.

After about 1 hour of travelling, you will stop at a restaurant. You may buy breakfast here if you wish. There are toilet facilities at this stop. There will be 1 more scheduled stop along the way at a gold or leather centre where there are also toilet facilities.

Once you’ve arrived at the ancient city of Ephesus you will have 2 to 3 hours to explore the ruins.

A short distance from Ephesus City lies the Virgin Mary’s museum. You will have the option to enter here for a fee if you wish. Those who don’t wish to enter will be asked to wait near to the coach.

After a short drive from the Virgin Mary’s museum you will stop at a restaurant where you will eat lunch included in the price of the tour (drinks not included).

On your return to Bodrum, you will make 2 scheduled stops at gold centre or similar where there are toilet facilities.

You’ll be back in Bodrum at around 8pm providing there are no unforeseen road closures, heavy traffic, or mechanical vehicle problems on the day.

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Yes. You can make the payment on the day of the tour. However, a small amount of down payment may be required during peak periods. Payment on the day of the tour will be in CASH only.
The pickup time for Ephesus is around 6.30am but may vary depending on the location of your accommodation. Our sales representative will tell you your transfer time, and it will be written on your digital ticket. There may be delays of 10 minutes during transfer times. If your service is later than 10 minutes of the specified time, please call the office number on your ticket.
The tour fee includes your hotel transfer, lunch, professional guide and Ephesus Ancient City entrance fee. Breakfast, drinks and entrance to the Virgin Mary’s House are not included and there is an extra charge.
The journey takes approximately 3 and a half hours each way. You’ll be back in Bodrum at around 8pm, assuming there are no unforeseen traffic delays or road closures.
Yes, 7-12 year olds are half price and 0-6 year olds are free. A free ticket does not guarantee a seat on the coach. A young child may have to sit on an adults lap.
A camera – so as no photo opportunities are missed.

Money – to buy breakfast, drinks and souvenirs, entrance to Virgin Mary’s museum if you wish.

Comfortable shoes for walking – the original roads are quite uneven.

A sunhat and sun cream – there is little shade when walking through the city.






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