Top 10 Tours in Bodrum
top 10 tours in bodrum

The entire Bodrum region is filled with magnificent locations and sights that span the entire width of the peninsula. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 tours in Bodrum in no particular order as provided by This is to help you so you can make the most reasonable decision. This is in the face of the innumerable number of interesting spots and destinations.

Top 10 tours in Bodrum

1- Bodrum tour to Ephesus

The Ephesus tour is your opportunity to visit some of the earliest traces of human civilization in the World. The most prominent tourist destinations in the region like the Roman Amphitheatre within Ephesus city. Places to visit here also include the Temple of Artemis. This is an important site to see as it’s listed in the 7 wonders of the world. The Virgin Mary Church hanker back to the region’s deep connections with many ancient civilisations. It’s hard to find many destinations that are full of different cultural histories. So it is for this reason the Ephesus tour is first in our list of Top 10 Tours in Bodrum.

2- Turgutreis Market Tours in Bodrum

The Turgutreis market perfectly captures the essence of Bodrum. A melting pot of cultures and a fusion of vibrant colors. The market is littered with stalls selling colourful, fragrant spices and exotic indigenous produce that are a treat for culinary enthusiasts. The market is also a spot for local wares, clothes and artefacts that make it a particular hit among tourists who come here fishing for interesting tidbits and memorabilia.

Bodrum Turgutreis Market Tour

3- Bodrum to Dalyan Tour

The region of Dalyan is home to a variety of attractions. From mud baths to rejuvenate your skin to the Iztuzu Beach that is home to the protected Caretta turtles. And the King Tombs carved into the rock faces so you can see on your cruise down the Dalyan river. With the package from including all these attractions, it is a no-brainer that it makes the list of the Top 10 tours in Bodrum.

4- Scuba diving tours in Bodrum

The Scuba diving tour with is a way to get acquainted with the aquatic life under the Seas surrounding the Bodrum peninsula. With dozens of diving spots scattered around the area, the diving tour is a chance for experienced divers and newbies alike to explore exciting underwater spots like sunken ships and plane wrecks under the guidance of professional divers.

5- Bodrum Fishing Tour

If your ideal vacation is lazing in a boat with a line dangling with bait for the fishes then the Bodrum Fishing tour is just the trip for you. These waters spawn a variety of fish like sea bass, barracudas, lambuka, sea bream and crane fish. If you are lucky enough to land your catch early then you can enjoy the satisfaction of having it for lunch!

6- Horse Riding tours in Bodrum

The Horse Riding Tour in Bodrum is great so you can see Bodrum on horseback. It is an ideal situation to learn horse-riding. Or if you are an adept rider, you can settle for riding the more experienced horses. The horse ranch itself is a beautiful venue with stables and open grounds. It’s constructed especially to house all the horses comfortably and safely. There is an open air cafeteria and seating areas for visitors so you can relax if you are not riding.

7- Bodrum to Kos Island tour

The nearby island of Kos is a treasure trove of tourist attractions bundled into one island. It lies just 1 hour by ferry off the Bodrum coastline. The Castle of Neratzia, the Tree of Hippocrates, the Platia Eleftherias (Freedom square) and the stalls packing the Old Town of Kos are a few of the major attractions that you can visit in your trip with

Bodrum to Kos

8- Bodrum Tour to Pamukkale

Pamukkale is famous for its postcard worthy hills of white mineral deposits and thermal baths. The region is also the site of the ancient Greek and Roman city of Hieropolis, many of whose remains are visible to this day. The chance to witness these natural wonders and relax in the healing waters of these baths is a compelling reason that makes this a top 10 tour in our list.

9- Bodrum Water Rafting Tour

If you are physically fit and you can swim then read on! If you are chasing your next adrenaline rush this tour is for you.  so you can join the river rafting adventure along the Dalaman river. The course is a 10 km ride along 12 rapids ranging between grade 2 and grade 3 difficulties and provides a compelling challenge for the experienced and first timer alike. While the adventure is hardcore, there are no compromises on safety. Equipment is regularly checked and you are accompanied by competent instructors who will ensure the safety of each raft. It is rough, it is exciting and it certainly earns its spot in this Top 10 list.

Bodrum rafting tour

10- Bodrum Jeep Safari Tour

The last on our list of Top 10 Tours is the Jeep Safari Tour of Bodrum. It whisks you around the coastal and mountain roads immersing you in a new perspective of life as a local in Bodrum. From Camels and indigenous Foods to weaving and water fights, this tour is the complete package that sums up the fun-loving atmosphere of the region.


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