If you are looking for different activities to do in Didim, Didim diving tour is for you. This activity is organized for participants who will dive for the first time, as well as experienced divers. It will be a great experience for you. If you are curious about the Didim scuba diving tour, you can see all the details in the rest of the article or call us at the number below.


Contact us on WhatsApp 0553 671 81 08


Tour Days: Everyday
Session Times: 11:00 and 15:00
Concession Prices: There is a discounted price for non divers on the boat
What shall I bring with me?: Towel, Swimwear, Sun Cream, Sun Glasses, Money
Included in the price:
Professional Instructor Hotel Transfer for the morning session ONLY
Diving equipment
Fiyata Dahil Olmayanlar:
Transfer for afternoon session
Professional Photos and Videos(Extra 50 TL)
You can contact us on the WhatsApp number above, or fill out the reservation form on the page to book.
You will hear from one of our team regarding your reservation and you will be sent a digital ticket to confirm your booking.
No, You can pay on the day of the tour, but during busy tmes you may be asked to pay a desposit when you arrive in Turkey to secure your place.
Inexperienced participants who will dive for the first time dive from the shore accompanied by an instructor and swim towards the diving point. Certified experienced divers, on the other hand, sail on a boat and dive in another region.
Before the diving activity, you receive a training that lasts about 30 minutes. Then you will perform 1 dive for 30 minutes. During this dive, you definitely have an instructor with you. So you dive one on one.
Didim Scuba Diving tour is £30 per person
The tour price includes equipment, pre-training and hotel transfer if you are attending the morning session. Unfortunately, those who will attend the lunch session have to come by themselves. Our sales representative will send you the location of Didim diving center via Whatsapp.
No, This tour is designed for first time divers. The will be a qualified instructor with each beginner diver.
A beginner on the Didim Scuba Diving tour can dive to a maximum of 5 metres. Experienced divers may dive to the depth which their certificate allows.

Why You Should Join Didim Scuba Diving Tour?

First of all, scuba diving is an enjoyable activity and once you try it, it is very likely to turn into a passion for you. After your training on the boat, followed by seeing the magical underwater world of Didim, you will relish spending time to get a certificate and become a more experienced diver. If you come to Didim, our recommendation is don’t return without trying Didim scuba diving tour,

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