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Bodrum to Dalyan Tour

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Dalyan Tour from Bodrum

Bodrum to Dalyan tour takes a little over 3 hours by coach, but what you will experience is amazing. The area of Dalyan lies on a beautiful winding river called Caunos which flows into the Mediteranian sea. Dalyan is rich in natural beauty, history and nature, so the Bodrum to Dalyan tour it’s not something to be missed.

How do we get to Dalyan from Bodrum?

An air conditioned coach will collect you from your accommodation anywhere in the Bodrum peninsula at around 6.30 am. You will travel for approximately an hour and then stop for breakfast in an area called Mugla. Breakfast isn’t included in the price but there is plenty that you can choose from.  After breakfast the Bodrum to Dalyan tour continues. A professional guide will ride on the coach with you and will begin to give you the fascinating information of the area.

What do we do on the Bodrum Dalyan Tour?

On this tour you will visit places of interest and see natural beauty like no where else. A delicious buffet lunch is included on the tour but drinks are extra.

Things of Interest on this Tour

Mud Baths

The mud bath is often the main selling point for the Dalyan tour from Bodrum. It’s what most people would have heard of. The Dalyan mud bath is famous for its anti ageing properties and for making your skin look and feel young and smooth. What causes this to happen is when the mud dries on your skin. It tightens and reduces the amount of wrinkles you have, when done frequently.

Iztuzu Beach (Turtle Beach)

Iztuzu beach is a 4.5 km long white sandy beach in Dalyan at which between May and September Caretta Turtles come and lay their eggs. Tourists visiting in summer won’t see this extraordinary sight, because the turtles lay their eggs at night and the site is closed and protected at these times. But tourists can still take advantage of it’s beautiful sand and sea. The beach is a thin strip of land which separates the Dalyan Kaunos river and the Mediteranian sea. The beach is a protected site and is patrolled 24 hours a day so as to stop poachers stealing Turtle eggs. This beach is worth taking the trip from Bodrum to Dalyan for.

Caretta Turtles

The Loggerhead Caretta turtles have been laying their eggs on the thin strip of land named Iztuzu beach for 3 million years. The turtles return at approximately 20 to 25 years of age to the same beach they were born on to lay their own eggs. How they do this remains a mystery. They lay their eggs after nightfall in a nest they dig in the sand, then return to the sea. The babies then hatch 2 months later and make a run for the sea in the dark. The beach is closed to visitors after dark for this reason. The Dalyan tour from Bodrum gives you a unique experience to see one of the only sites in the world that these turtles return to time and time again.

Dalyan King Tombs

The tombs carved into the rock-face overlooking the Dalyan river are believed to belong to Kings and they date between from 200 BD and 200 AD. The kings made tombs like this for a religious reason. They believed that the higher they were from the ground, the closer they were to God.

Contact us with any questions and book with Easy Book for an unforgettable experience.


  • Wallowing in the mud at the mud baths
  • Seeing the amazing historic rock tombs in the mountainside
  • Relaxing on the white sands of Turtle beach
  • Getting up close to the famous Loggerhead turtles


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Hotel Pick Up

Your pickup from your accommodation is included from all over the Bodrum Peninsula. The time is dependent on which area you are staying in but will be around 6.30am


After about an hour of travelling you will stop at a restaurant for breakfast. This is not included in the price of the tour so it's optional as to if you buy.
After the breakfast stop there will be 1 more scheduled stop before you reach Dalyan.

Mud Baths

The first stop in Dalyan is at the Mud Baths. Here you will spend about an hour and you can bathe in the mud which is thought to have anti ageing properties if used regularly. There are showers and changing facilities here.


Lunch will be served to you after the visit to the mud baths. It is a buffet style lunch and is served in a food hall. There is food suitable for vegetarians.

River Boat Cruise

After lunch you will board a small boat which will take you on an hours cruise down Dalaman river. It is from here that you get to see the magnificent Lycian Rock Tombs carved into the mountains surrounding the river. At the end of the river the mouth reaches the Mediterranean sea. You should be lucky enough to see giant Caretta turtles in the river here.

Turtle Beach

When you reach Turtle beach you will disembark the boat and spend over an hour on this beautiful beach. You can spend your time on its white sands and in the lovely warm sea. After your time here you board the boat back to where your cruise started.

Travelling back to Bodrum

After your wonderful day in Dalyan you will travel back to Bodrum in the coach, stopping again for a scheduled stop along the way. At this stop you can stock up on refreshments from a market and use the wash facilities. You'll arrive back in Bodrum usually between 7 and 8 pm, however factors out of our control may change this time.


  • Full Insurance
  • Return transfer in air conditioned bus
  • Professional Guide
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Riverboat Cruise
  • Mud Bath Entry
  • Turtle Beach Entry


  • Drinks
  • Breakfast
  • Ice Creams Etc


Extra Information
- Take swimwear, towel and camera.
- Travel time approximately 4 hours each way, stopping once for breakfast and once each way at a leather or gold factory.
- 0-6 years FREE (not gauranteed own seat on coach). select half price child to gaurantee a seat.
Transfer from all areas of the Bodrum peninsula are included
Pick Up Points
Hotel Pick up - Please wait in reception or if your hotel has an external security gate, please wait there.
When does this tour start and finish?
Pick up will be around 6.30am, and you will be back in Bodrum by about 8pm


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