The Flyboard tests your balance and skill. Powered by the engine of a jetski, a hose attaches it to the flyboard. The flyboard is pushed into the air and the rider has to balance hovering in the air.




When can I do the activity? Everyday, between 10am and 6pm
How long is the activity?: about 10 minutes
Price: £50

Measures Taken Under Covid-19

  • All our tours are at half capacity due to the pandemic, until we are notified otherwise.
  • All of our equipment are specially disinfected by licensed companies at the end of each tour.
  • Social distance is strictly maintained during the tour. There is a minimum of one sunbed distance between everyone.
  • It is forbidden to enter any transfer boat without a mask until the boat leaves the jetty, personnel serve with a mask.
You can do it any day during the months of April and October. And between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm
The Fly Board activity is between 15 and 18 minutes long.
The water sports station is on Gumbet beach. You need to come to our office in Gumbet before the tour.
Yes, you can pay for the Fl Board tour by credit card at the office.
No, no experience is needed to go on the Fly Board. All equipment is set up for you.
Yes, everyone will be supplied with a lifejacket to wear on the ride
Anyone can ride on the Fly Board. But it isn’t recommended for small children as you need to hold on tightly.


Bodrum Fly Board

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