What is a Turkish Bath?

A Turkish Bath is a collection of communal rooms designed for physical cleansing.

Sauna – this is a small, enclosed room made of wood which you sit in for a short amount of time. The room is heated by adding water to hot coals which creates the steam. It’s purpose is to make you sweat and open your pores. The sauna in the Turkish Bath is used as social meeting place still, mainly among men. You shouldn’t participate in this if you are pregnant, have heart or breathing problems, or if you are claustrophobic.

The Hamam Room –  is made entirely of marble with bench style seating all around the edge. The seating on the outer part of the marble room is for those who are waiting for the treatment. There are sinks with running hot and cold water placed among these seating areas. The water is used to wash away the sweat from the sauna. There is a large slab of marble in the middle of the room which is where participants lie for the body scrub and bubble massage.

Massage Room – Where the sauna and hamam rooms have remained largely unchanged since ancient times, only modernised, the massage rooms in the Bodrum Turkish Bath’s are private and serene. They have a luxurious feel with background music playing and scented candles lit to enhance your experience. NOTE: to take the massage option, add ‘1’ per person to your basket in addition to the basic package.


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Which Day Is Open?: Everyday
Opening Time: 09:00
Closing Time: 20:00
Things You Need To Bring: Swim Suit, Towel (optional)
Transfer Body Scrub & Foam Massage
Massage (if selected)
Not Included:
Food & Drinks
Massage (unless you add the massage option to your basket)

Measures Taken Under Covid-19

  • All our tours are at half capacity due to the pandemic, until we are notified otherwise.
  • Equipment and vehicles are specially disinfected by licensed companies at the end of each tour.
  • Social distance is strictly maintained during the tour.
  • Disposable cups, plates etc are used where applicable.
  • It is forbidden to enter the transfer buses without a mask. Personnel will wear a mask.
Upon arrival you will be given clean towels and cloth slippers and shown to the changing rooms. You should change into your bathing suits here.

First you will visit the sauna or steam room. It is advisable to spend at least 15 minutes in the sauna to reap the best benefits. You can leave at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

After your sauna you will be taken to the hamam room. In turn, your skin will be gently scrubbed and exfoliated by the qualified and professional staff. This will be followed by a short bubble massage to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated! The whole room is washed down after each persons treatment to ensure cleanliness. The staff in these rooms are mainly male unless you request otherwise before your appointment.

If you have purchased a massage treatment you will be shown to one of the private rooms and then left while you prepare yourself for the massage. It is common to leave your bathing suit on but it is your choice. The staff for the massage are mainly female unless you request otherwise before your appointment.

After the Hamam room (or the massage room if you bought that package), you will be shown to an area where you can relax for a time. At the end of your experience you can use the changing and shower facilities onsite, however its advised not to shower straight away if you’ve had a oil treatment

You will need to wear a swim suit which you can either wear under your clothes, or charge when you arrive. There are showers, lockers and changing facilities in all the Turkish Baths in Bodrum for all customers to use free of charge.

The Turkish Bath supplies towels and cloth slippers for its customers to use but you can take your own if you wish. If you don’t want to take any extra money to the Bodrum Turkish Bath excursion with you then be sure to book the full body oil massage or any other treatments you would like before you go. If you decide to take extra treatments while you are there, you will have to pay directly to the Turkish Bath.

You can fill in the reservation form on the right of this page. Or you can call or message us on the phone number above.
If you book with us via Whatsapp, our representative will confirm the booking and send you a TURSAB approved digital ticket. If you book using the booking form on the right, you will be contacted by a representative shortly after, and will be sent a digital ticket. You can show the digital ticket on your phone to partake in the tour.
Yes. You can make the payment on the day of the tour. However, a small amount of down payment may be required during peak periods.
This may vary depending on the location of your accommodation. Our sales representative will tell you your transfer time, and it will be written on your digital ticket. There may be delays of 10 minutes during transfer times. If your service is later than 10 minutes of the specified time, please call the office number on your ticket.
Included in the price of the tour is the return transfer from your hotel, sauna, body scrub and bubble massage. In addition a 30 minute full body oil massage is included if you have chosen that option.
You should allow 2 to 3 hours for the Turkish Bath experience.





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