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Bodrum Turkish Bath

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Turkish Bath in Bodrum

The Bodrum Turkish Bath is the ultimate way to relax. The traditional Turkish Bath, or Hamam has been popular for close to 1000 years. The Roman baths were similar to the Turkish Baths. When the ottoman empire took over what is now Turkey, the Turkish bath became a popular.

The Turkish baths in Bodrum are open 7 days a week from 9 am until 7 pm and you can choose you visit at any time. However, you should let your agent know the time you would like to go beforehand so they can confirm there will be space. Your agent Easy Book Tours can also arrange the transfer from your hotel to the Turkish bath in Bodrum at the time you choose.

What is the Bodrum Turkish Bath?

A Turkish Bath is a collection of communal rooms. One is a sauna where people go into first to open the pores in their skin with the hot steam. Its best that you spend about 15 to 20 minutes in the sauna to feel the benefit later. People use saunas to sweat out toxins within the body. The sauna in the Turkish Bath is used as social meeting place still, mainly among men.

Next is the Turkish Bath room, on hamam room. It is made entirely of marble with bench style seating all around the outside. The is a big slab in the middle of the room also made of marble. The seating on the outer part of the marble room is for those who are waiting to be scrubbed. The staff of the Bodrum Turkish Bath will perform this. There are sinks with running hot and cold water placed among these seating areas. The water is used to wash away the sweat from the sauna. The large marble slab in the middle of the room is where the famous bubble scrub and soap massage takes place. People take it in turns to lay down on the marble where the staff proceeds to gently scrub the skin to rid it of dead particles.

After this the whole room is washed down and you’ll be given a light bubble massage. After this experience you will be left feeling rejuvenated!


Body Scrub and Bubble Massage
Body Scrub and Bubble Massage

Best Turkish Bath in Bodrum

A Turkish Bath in Bodrum is widely available, but what should you choose? And what is important when choosing? There are many Turkish Baths that you can choose from but they all offer the same types of treatment. There are those that are more like day spas which are often more expensive. And then there are those that are more traditional but not quite so aesthetically pleasing.

The treatment you receive isn’t dependent on how the building looks so Easy Book tours has chosen a Hamam which is popular by recommendation. It is one that we have also worked with for many years. This way we can ensure that our prices remain reasonable but the service isn’t compromised.

What do we need to take to the Turkish Bath?

You will need to wear a swim suit which you can either wear under your clothes, or charge when you arrive. There are showers, lockers and changing facilities in all the Turkish Baths in Bodrum for all customers to use free of charge.

The Turkish Bath supplies towels and cloth slippers for its customers to use but you can take your own if you wish. If you don’t want to take any extra money to the Bodrum Turkish Bath excursion with you then be sure to book the full body oil massage or any other treatments you would like before you go. If you decide to take extra treatments while you are there, you will have to pay directly to the Turkish Bath.

Bodrum Turkish Bath prices

The traditional Turkish bath includes the sauna, body scrub and bubble massage. This package is very reasonably priced so it something that all holiday makers should do. You can do other treatments such as full body oil massages, manicures, pedicures and even Indian head massages. These treatments are extra and are either booked with agent before you go. Contact us directly if you would like to book extra treatments other than the 30 minute full body oil massage. You can choose this option from the price panel.

Contact us directly with any questions, and book the Turkish Bath in Bodrum with Easy Book Tours


  • Experiencing a pampering the traditional Turkish way
  • A wonderful full body oil massage (if chosen in pricing)


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Pick Up

The turkish bath transfer will pick you up from your accommodation at your selected time and take you to the turkish bath destination to be checked in.

Getting Ready

After you're checked in at reception, you will be shown to the changing rooms where clean towels and slippers will be given to you, although you can use your own if you wish. There are lockers to keep your valuables, and it is here you should change into your swimming suit


First you will spend some time in the sauna. The recommended time is around 20 minutes but you can choose the amount of time you want to spend inside, or if you want to skip it altogether, although it helps with the skin cleansing process.

Body Scrub and Bubble Massage

After the sauna you will be taken by the staff to the main hamam room. A beautiful room made of marble where in turn you will be gently scrubbed and then have a short bubble massage

Extra Treatments

If you have booked the full body oil massage, you will be taken to the massage room briefly after a short break between your traditional Turkish Bath experience.
Any other treatments you choose will also be done at this time

When you have finished

After your super relaxing experience, the turkish bath transfer will take you back to your accommodation


  • Transfer
  • Sauna, Bodry Scrub, Bubble Massage
  • 30 minute full body oil massage (if choosing that option to buy)
  • Full Insurance


  • Other treatments, such as face mask, manicure, pedicure, etc.
  • Drinks in the facility


Extra Information
Take your swim suit.
Transfer is included from all areas of the Bodrum peninsula
Pick Up Points
Hotel Pick up - Please wait outside reception, or if your hotel has an external security gate, please wait there.
When can I do this tour?
Between the hours of 9am and 7pm


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