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Bodrum Fly Board

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Fly Board – Bodrum water sports

This water sports extreme ride is for the brave and daring. If you think you’re brave enough then you can test your balance on this ride. Have a go at the fly board on Bodrum water sports.

It’s more difficult than it looks! But the professional staff on Bodrum waters sports can help you ride the fly board. If you master the balancing element quickly you’re a natural. This means that you can also try to dive into the water and come back up again. It’s like flying! You can fly up to about 3 or 4 metres with water pressure using the hose we connect to the jet ski. The ride is about 20 minutes so you will get plenty of time to try. It’s certainly an exciting ride!

How do I ride the fly board on Bodrum?

The Fly board is powered by a jet ski so your task is to rise into the air. A jet ski is attached to a hose which powers the fly board. The jet ski’s engine power sends water through the hose into the fly board so that it rises into the air.

This is a fun ride for dare devils and what better place to try something like this than in a safe and controlled environment.

Is this ride safe?

The Bodrum water sports activities and fly board are fully insured and you will get a briefing by professional staff before you are allowed to participate in this ride. You cannot use this ride if you have drunk alcohol, if you are pregnant, or if you have any heart disease.

The Bodrum water sports station where you can participate in this ride is located on Gumbet beach.

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  • 20 minutes ride


  • Transfer


Extra Information
You have to be 18 years old to try this tour
When can I do this tour
Between the hours of 10am and 6pm on Gumbet beach


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