If you are planning to rent a boat with a group in Bodrum this summer holiday, you have definitely made the right decision. Bodrum peninsula is a v ery popular tourist resort where holidaymakers from all over the world visit every year. There are so many things to do in Bodrum and its surroundings that we can not list them all.

If you are on holiday as a group, a great idea which works out economically for you is to make all the tours private. That way you can make the tour suit your groups needs and wants. You don’t have to follow the organised schedule.

Taking a Private Boat Tour as a Group in Bodrum

Taking a private boat tour as a group in Bodrum should be at the top of your to-do list in Bodrum. Because the Bodrum peninsula is surrounded by the sea, it is a must for anyone who comes to Bodrum to go on a boat trip at least once. There are many large and small bays in Bodrum. You can go to some of these bays with your own vehicles. However, transportation to many coves in Bodrum is almost impossible.

Due to the geographical location of Bodrum, sea tourism is the biggest source of income for the town. There are countless boats designed beautifully and built to be comfortable in Bodrum. It is the most important thing for you and your group to choose the most suitable one for you from these boats.

Advantages of Renting a Group Boat on your Summer Vacation

It is much more advantageous to take a group boat tour during your summer vacation than to do a normal boat tour. You can feel more free by renting a private boat in Bodrum. You can choose the route you want and spend as much time as you want in the bays you choose. You can play any music you would like without being dependent on anyone. Also, you don’t have to go to the bays that everyone goes to. When you rent a private boat, you can choose to a certain extent the menu you want to eat. Another advantage over normal boats is that you determine your departure time and return time yourself within the hours given. On the Bodrum private boat tour it is up to you how many swimming breaks you want during the day.

When you rent a private boat on your summer holiday in Bodrum, it’s important that you choose a boat that is suitable for your needs. Easy Book Tours can advise you on this. If you want to you can bring your own food and drinks on to the boat. Just speak to the agent directly if you would like to do this.

Group Rental Prices for Summer Holidays

When renting a private boat tour, prices vary according to the size and luxury of the boat. In addition, the number of people you will go on private boat tours in Bodrum is very important. Another price criteria is including or excluding food and drinks on the boat according to your special requests or agreement. You will be offered a price quote considering all of this criteria. Some of our options you can see in a promotional video. Please click on this link to watch the video.

Wedding Organization in Bodrum Boat

It is possible to organize your wedding party on boats or yachts. We know this evernt is very important for anyone and we will ensure it is memorable. The boats used in wedding organizations in Bodrum are usually two-storey or three-storey. The boats offer comfort and convenience for such an event. These boats with their years of experience and professional staff, offer even higher quality services that you will not find in wedding halls. Although the legality of a wedding cannot be performed, it is of course a privilege to hold a wedding ceremony in the turquoise waters of Bodrum with the blue of the sky and the sky. How about experiencing this privilege with us, if you are planning to have a wedding on the boat in Bodrum, you should contact Easy Book Tours, which is the competent job of us, without wasting time. You can decorate the boat as you like in wedding organizations. If you want, you can get help from professional people.Bodrum Özel Tekne Kiralama

Bachelorette Party on Bodrum Boat

It is a very reasonable decision to make a bachelor party on the boat, one of the most popular tours of recent years. Wouldn’t you like to celebrate your special day while renting a boat with the group during the summer holidays? If your answer is yes, after hiring a private boat suitable for your group, you can talk to the captain and ask him to take you to the bays where there are nobody. You will not have the suspicion of disturbing anyone by having as much fun as you want on the boat you will rent as a group. While organizing a bachelor, you must have determined your criteria and the region you will go to before.

Romantic Dinner on Boat in Bodrum

During the summer holiday, you can rent a boat as a group or have a dinner on the boat.

If you want, you can pamper your loved ones with dinner on the boat by renting a private boat in Bodrum. If you want, you can rent one of Bodrum’s famous gulet boats with your spouse and see Bodrum castle at sunset. Let’s not forget that it is possible to sit on the beach in Bodrum and eat by watching the sea. However, it is a privilege to eat dinner by watching the beach and sailing on the sea. It is very easy to get this privilege. After deciding on the boat that meets your criteria, tell your departure time and the dark captain to eat. You must set your menu in advance. It is a privilege to watch the magnificent sunset in the open of the Bodrum castle and jump into the cool waters of Bodrum without the darkness collapsing. In Bodrum private boat tour, dinner is prepared for you by a private cook on your boat. These boats provide higher quality service than common ones.

Another important thing you can do to rent a boat as a group during the summer is to do a real research about the bays you can go to. Because every boat has the possibility of not going to every bay.

yaz tatilinde grupla tekne kiralama
yaz tatilinde grupla tekne kiralama

Where to Rent a Group Boat in Summer Holidays

If you want to see Black island and meteor pit sickle island. Your private boat must definitely depart from Bodrum port or Gumbet port. If you want to swim in Cennet Bay, Salih Island and Twin Islands by group boat rental during your summer vacation, you should exit Turba Bay. You can also get rid of the density of the bays by reversing the route of the other boats with the private boat tour of Bodrum that you will go with your group. Of course, you do not need to be a group to make a private boat tour in Bodrum. The boat you rented privately can belong only to you and your loved one. During the day, you can enjoy swimming in the calm bays of the sea. Bodrum private boat tour