Fun days out in Bodrum

Bodrum is the perfect place for fun. Whether you are on a family vacation, looking for some family friendly activities and tours. Or a free roaming tourist willing to explore all that the region has to offer. The region caters to all your needs as a tourist with its attractions ranging from historical sites to water parks, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightclubs. Here are some of the attractions and you can visit to make the most of your time in Bodrum.

Bodrum History

Bodrum is famous for its history. There are many museums and ancient remains that attract many people to the region. You can visit the remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus or the nearby Bodrum castle. There is a museum of Underwater Archaeology where you can see preserved artefacts from excavations carried out in the surrounding region. The Bodrum Amphitheatre is another famous attraction in the region because it is an amazing example of the ancient Roman Amphitheatre.

Bodrum Aquapark

The Bodrum Aquapark is another ideal destination if you’re looking for a fun holiday with your family. The park is one of the biggest in the area and is a great way to enjoy a family getaway. It has over 40 slides with something to suit everyone. There are water slides and inflatable boats to lazy rivers for those who aren’t so daring. A kid-friendly section with shallow pools and small slides is suitable for the younger members of the group. Music playing from speakers adds to the party atmosphere so there’s never a dull moment. The park is lined with sunbeds and shades so that you can escape from the hot, summer sun. 

Bodrum Nightlife

If you are looking for a party then look no further than Bodrum! Bodrum is famous destination among both locals and tourist for its lively nightlife. Every night you will find party-goers packing the area looking to join in on the vibrant party atmosphere. There are many nightclubs, discos, restaurants and bars that can offer you an enjoyable night of music and dancing. Many places will see you entertained into the early morning hours.

Bodrum Boat Hire

With you can book a fun day out in the waters surrounding the region. On the private boat tour you will feel special and lucky to see the beautiful peninsula in all it’s glory. The Gulet will take you on a cruise around the different bays along the Bodrum coast making regular stops so you can try your hand at snorkelling. Or if you prefer just relax on board and sunbathe on the cushioned sunbeds.

Bodrum Jeep Safari

Another way to enjoy a fun day out in Bodrum is with the Bodrum Jeep Safari provided by It will take you along the Bodrum coastline, to remote villages and mountain roads. The tour lets you immerse yourself in the culture of the region with a tour of the local villages so you can witness local life. You will see the local art of carpet weaving and experience the local food of the region. The tour also features a water fight between the different jeeps to round off the fun experience.

Bodrum Watersports

The shores of Bodrum and the nearby Gumbet beach are also full of opportunities for some holiday fun. Visitors can take part in the many watersports that are provided. You can join in a session of wakeboarding, water ski, jet ski, parasailing or cling on to a banana boat as its pulled through the water by a speedboat. The many inflatable rides make for a short but thrilling experience which are perfect if you’re short on time. The coastal waters are also popular for windsurfing.

Bodrum Scuba Diving

If your idea of fun is scuba diving into the blue waters of the Aegean then the Bodrum peninsula is the right place for you. The Black island just off the south of Bodrum is a scuba diving hot-spot with up to around 20 regulated diving spots surrounding it. Depending on your skills you can visit many interesting sites like sunken ships, a Dakota airplane and sunken cars. The place is also ideal for getting your scuba certification if you are starting out in this hobby.