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Private Ephesus Tour, from Bodrum

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If you don’t want to join the bustle of the public tour to Ephesus city then we can take you there on a private tour.

The car, a chauffer and guide, and entrance to the city is included in the price.

Visit this amazing Ancient Roman city from the Bodrum peninsula and walk where the Romans once did.

Walk down to the impressive Ephesus gate on the old main road and pose for a memorable photograph .

Ephesus city was the most important trading city of Ancient Roman times. It has changed hands many times when different rulers claimed the area.

It’s origin comes from 2 different legends. One is that the Ionian prince Androclos founded Ephesus when searcing for a new Greek settlement in the 11th century BC. And the second legend is that it was founded by the Amazon tribe’s female warriors, who’s queen was named Ephesia.

Our tour also shows you the nearby Temple of Artemis, named one of the wonders of the world in about 300BC when the Ephesians rebuilt it to a size 4 times bigger than the Parthenon.

Your native speaking guide on the Ephesus city tour will explain how daily lives were lived in the old Roman capital in the region of Selcuk, Izmir.

Book with EasyBook Tours for an unforgettable experience.


  • Chauffeur et guide
  • Entrée à Ephèse
  • Assurance complète
  • Transfert de retour en bus climatisé
  • Guide professionnel
  • Entrée à Ephèse
  • Déjeuner buffet


  • Toute nourriture ou boisson pendant le voyage
  • Entrée au musée de la Vierge Marie

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De 400€


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