With our extensive vehicle fleet and 20 years of experience, we offer you a comfortable and safe transfer service in and around Bodrum and to regions around around the area.

With the Bodrum airport transfer service, you can safely travel to your accommodation, care-free of hassle-free. To book, you can message the WhatsApp number below for pricing and details.

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Bodrum Airport Transfer

The airport is where your holiday starts. When you reach Bodrum after a long day travelling you’re longing to reach your accommodation where you can finally relax. Not pre-planning your transport from the airport can add unnecessary stress to your journey. We can help with that by waiting for you outside the airport doors, ready to take you to start your holiday.

Our quality airport transfer offers a safe and comfortable service to both individual guests, and guests coming on holiday in large groups. Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the door before your plane lands.

Why You Should Choose Bodrum Airport Transfer Service?

There are alternatives to a private transfer service from Bodrum Airport, such as a public service provided by your holiday operator, or a public bus, but they have some disadvantages. Below we will outline these.

Public bus service:

The frequency of the public busses depend on the season, and time of the day. This increases your waiting time at the airport. There could also be no space left on the bus and you have to wait for the next. The buses are often full to capacity so during the current health concerns, Bodrum VIP private airport transfer is much safer for you.

Public bus services are the most economical in terms of price. The price for 2021 season is 23 lira per person. If you are traveling alone, this option is undoubtedly the cheapest for you. But if you come with your family, the price you will pay will naturally increase as the number of people increases. Bodrum VIP airport transfer service becomes more economical for families and groups.

Possibly the most compelling reason for people to choose a private transfer over a public bus service is that the final destination for the buses are in bus stations, not at hotels. From the bus stations you will have to make your onward journey to your accomodation which can be awkward when you are travelling with baggage.

Transport by Taxi:

Another transportation option from Bodrum-Milas Airport is a taxi. If you are going to Bodrum centre, taxis can be priced closely to the cost of private transfer vehicles. But if you are going to the resorts far from the centre of Bodrum, the price difference you will pay increases significantly.

Holiday provider transfers: 

The broker holiday company that plans your holiday can offer you a shuttle service. The biggest downside of this is that each passenger on the service is staying in different areas and hotels. If you are lucky, you will be dropped off first, but if you are unlucky, you may end up being on a very long journey and dropped off last. These shuttle services also often wait for 2 or 3 flights at a time to fill the buses, so if one flight is late, you are stuck waiting for other passengers.

For all these reasons, we recommend you to get Bodrum private airport transfer service. It will be more comfortable and safer for you.

Bodrum Airport Transfer prices 2021

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to give a clear price here for Bodrum airport transfer service. This is because the prices may vary depending on the vehicle you choose, the number of people in your party, and where your accommodation is on the peninsula.  However, we can tell you that the starting price is as little as £10 in 2021 season.

For a more tailored quotation for you, please contact us on the WhatsApp number above with your details and our representative will be in touch.