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Tours and Excursions in Bodrum

Bodrum Tours and Bodrum Excursions – BEST prices with Easy Book Tours FRIENDLY service and satifaction Gauranteed! Make your holiday suit you. Bodrum Tours and excursions are days out designed to show you as much of this beautiful country as possible, while of course having lots of fun. That’s what holidays are about after all.

There are lots to take advantage of in this gorgeous area of Turkey. Things like the crystal clear Aegean Sea, the rolling countryside full of lush green pine forests. The natural beauty and magic of the landscape and the rich history and culture that date back thousands of years. Tours and excursions in Bodrum can show you all of this.

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Bodrum Tours and Excursions – What is there to do?

If you are ever wondering ‘What can I do in Bodrum?’ then look no further. Here we will explore the best Bodrum tours and excursions on offer. Our range is extensive so you will be able to find something no matter what your interests.

Bodrum Tours and excursions involving water.

In the hot summer months in Bodrum, one of the best ways to keep cool is by being close to water. Firstly we will explore the Bodrum tours and excursions that take advantage of the Aegean Sea. The Bodrum peninsula is encircled by the sea and there are many beaches, bays and coves around its coast. Beneath the sea, there are plenty of reefs which you can enjoy from a few of the trips. The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue in most places. Following on we will explore some other water related activities.

Bodrum Daily Boat Trip

The daily boat trip is the most popular trip of the Bodrum tours and excursions. Thousands of people flock to the various boat tours every week in the summer months. Public boat trips leave from all harbours around the peninsula but Bodrum centre and Gumbet have the most choice of boats. The beautiful boats range in size and style. But whether a gulet boat or another style all boat trips are on wooden boats.

If you don’t want to go on a boat trip with many people, there are options to go on smaller boats with fewer people. Bodrum tours and excursions with Easy Book Tours offers a luxury boat tour with only 12 people joining. While the theme of some boat trips are to be relaxing, there’s also a chance to party on the ocean.. The daily party boat takes up to 130 people on board and has an amazing DJ set up and a foam party on the dance floor! Or if you have come to Bodrum with a group of people you can hire a beautiful gulet boat and take a private boat tour in Bodrum. Otherwise just for a special occasion.

Most boat trips include a delicious lunch on board and selected drinks. You can choose from an option including alcohol or just soft drinks. Which gives you the freedom to tailor the day to your needs. Then all you need to worry about is lounging around in the sun, swimming, snorkelling or enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Bodrum Scuba Diving

Bodrum is not initially somewhere I thought would have amazing marine life because it’s not talked about much in diving circles. However, the Bodrum tours and excursions scuba diving has much to offer. Below the waves lie many reefs giving life to a great deal of marine life. The diving schools embark from Bodrum city harbour, but Easy Book Tours provide their customers with transport to the boats. All diving boats are equipped with a full range of diving equipment and safety equipment. So you will feel comfortable on the tour that you needn’t worry about anything but enjoying yourself. An option for a half-day tour or a full-day tour is available.

Bodrum Water Sports

Bodrum tours and excursions wouldn’t be complete without water sports. These activities are great if you don’t want to spend all day on a tour. Because most of these acvitivites can be done in an hour, you can fit more than one into your day. You will find a range of inflatables including ringos, banana boat and supertoy that you can fly across the sea on. For the more experienced or brave Jet skis, wake boarding and water skiing.

Bodrum Fishing

If you love to catch fish then this trip from the Bodrum tours and excursions list is for you. It’s an all day deep sea fishing trip with bait and equipment included. Even beginners will be able to catch something here with the help of the experienced staff on board the boat. You will enjoy a BBQ lunch on the boat that may include some of the fish you have caught!

Bodrum Aquapark

You can’t visit Bodrum and not go to the aquapark. At just a 15 minute drive from Bodrum city, the Bodrum Aquapark excursion is a fun-filled family day out. The park is set over 40 thousand square metres and has 40 slides. If you are a dare-devil then there are drop slides here for you that will fill you with excitement! If you are the type of person who enjoys watching others have fun then you can relax under a parasol on the sunbeds. The Bodrum aquapark is perfect for families with young children as there is large childrens pool with slides suitable for under 6’s.

Water Rafting

The river where Water rafting takes place is in the area of Dalaman which is about a 3 hour drive from Bodrum. The tour only goes one day of the week so you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to take advantage of this activity on the Bodrum tours and excursions list.

Bodrum Tours and Excursions to see the amazing natural beauty

The Bodrum landscape is truly hypnotising. Whereas most people would link Bodrum only to the sea and it’s beautiful beaches, there are many treats inland. Most Bodrum tours and excursions that take advantage of the scenery are easily done from Bodrum city so they are easy to access. Now we will delve into the Bodrum tours and excursions that you can do to experience Turkey’s natural beauty.

Bodrum to Dalyan

The area of Dalyan is about a 3 hour drive from Bodrum City but it’s definitely worth the time it takes to get there. The city of Dalyan lies on the river Caunos and its famous for the mud baths, Turtle beach and the amazing tombs that dominate it’s hillside. You will visit all of these on Dalyan tour from Bodrum.

The mud can have anti ageing properties if used regularly and it is also a lot of fun! Turtle beach is a thin strip of beautiful white sand that separates the Caunos river and the Mediteranian sea. Turtles come and lay their eggs in the sand which is why it’s now known as Turtle beach. You’ll board a small boat to take a cruise down the river to reach turtle beach. Tick this trip off your Bodrum tours and excursions check-list.

Bodrum Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari Tour tour takes you a short distance to the rolling hills and emerald green pine forests. The Bodrum tours and excursions Jeep Safari will keep you entertained all day with the professional guide giving you interesting facts of the area. You might be lucky enough to see a snake, or even an eagle along the way. On the schedule is a visit to a small olive oil factory and a village where you can see how important local produce is to the are of Bodrum. There is a water fight between the jeep convoys on this tour which helps keep you cool in the hot summer months. It is great fun for any age group! The ride on this off road experience will be a bumpy one!

Bodrum Horse Riding

Its rare to feel closer to nature than when you’re in the saddle of a horse so this tour is perfect for nature lovers. The Bodrum horse riding ranch is in Yahsi, just a 15 minute drive from Bodrum centre. The beautiful horses are perfect for beginners, children and experienced riders. Children over 7 can ride alone if they are able, and younger riders can share a saddle with an adult. Your guide and horse will see you through the picturesque mountains and forests on your one hour safari. A 2 hour option is available on the Bodrum tours and excursions list if you wish so you can see more of the gorgeous views.

Bodrum to Pamukkale

The spectacular landscape of Pamukkale has been formed over hundreds of years revealing pools in the hillside full of thermal water.  You can walk in these thermal pools on the bright white mountain which is nicknamed, the cotton castle. You will never forget your visit to Pamukkale because it is truly memorable. Its named as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and for this reason is it a protected site. Pamukkale is also home to the ruined Hieropolis city and Cleopatra’s Pool where you can swim among original Roman columns. This trip is the furthest from Bodrum from all those on the Bodrum tours and excursions list.

Bodrum Quad Safari

The quad safari is one of the half day Bodrum tours and excursions where you can favour a morning or afternoon session. The tour runs on private land so a driving licence isn’t necessary to drive. But you do need to be over 15 years old to drive by yourself. You can choose to ride on a quad alone or on a double quad and all safety equipment will be given to you. The thrilling course is 15 kilometres long and you can race through puddles, and jump over hills.

Bodrum tours and excursions exploring culture and history

The area is steeped in history and culture for you to enjoy. Also there is a selection of activities on the Bodrum tours and excursions list that will show you it all! History is an important part of Turkish culture and the locals are very proud of it. The guides that will travel with you on these tours are very knowledgeable. Turkey’s history is ancient and goes back to the Roman times so you will find lots of Roman sites here in Bodrum.

Bodrum to Ephesus Ancient City

This tour from the Bodrum tours and excursions list will take you to the ancient city Of Ephesus. The Romans built Ephesus around 2000 years ago. Much of the main city has been excavated so you can really get a feel of how life went on at that time. The Main gate is the most impressive structure at the Ephesus site and it stands high above all other construction. Ephesus city is important for Turkish history because it was always a central trading port between Europe and Asia. A professional guide will take your group around Ephesus city so you can explore having all the knowledge you need.

Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Throughout history, the Hamam has been very popular in Turkish culture. The Hamam is essentially a communal steam bath and was a common social meeting place for typically male Turks. Some time in the sauna will open your pores which is important for the next step. It is on a big marble slab in the middle of the main Hamam room that the individuals skin is cleansed by way of a gentle scrub. Then onto a cool bubble massage to relax. Treatments such as oil massages, manicures and pedicures are now common in modern Hamams. For a bit of pampering on your holiday then choose this from the Bodrum tours and excursions list.

Turkish Markets

There are local markets in every province of the Bodrum peninsula but Turgutreis market is the most popular among tourists and locals alike. Turgutries market is on Saturdays and Easy Book Tours runs a half day tour here from their Bodrum tours and excursions list. From the market you can buy many types of  souvenier to remind you of your Bodrum holiday. It’s also interesting to visit the market to see the beautiful colours of the fruit, materials, and traditional mosaic lamps on offer. And to smell the delicious spices and fresh teas.

Bodrum to Kos Island

Kos Island is an important part of Bodrum’s history. The link between Kos castle and Bodrum’s own castle goes back generations. The Greek island is only a 1 hour ferry ride from Bodrum port so it takes less time to get to than some areas in Turkey. Bodrum tours and excursions from Easy Book Tours offers a daily return trip every day. You’ll love to walk around Kos town’s quaint streets and explore the small Island. You can see Kos Island clearly from Turgutries beach but also from Bitez, Gumbet and Bodrum beaches on a clear day.

Winter Tour

It is not only in summer than tourists flock to Bodrum. It is becoming more popular than ever for winter mini breaks too. Bodrum only has around 2 months of wet weather so visiting in November, February or March will give you a good chance of winter sun. However the temperatures will be low at around 15 degrees. Winter is the perfect time to visit all the bays around the Bodrum peninsula when there are no crowds. Easy Book Tours arranges a private tour for up to 4 people where you can tailor the tour to suit your group.

If this blog has whet your appetite to try a holiday in Bodrum then please visit the rest of the Easy Book Tours website to see the full range of Bodrum tours and excursions available.

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